Why Choose Us

We believe you are more than just the sum of your parts.  You don’t only have financial needs; you also have hopes, aspirations and dreams. Therefore you require a strategy that treats you as such. JWR follows a holistic approach to financial planning, advice and service delivery.  But what does this mean?  It’s about approaching your financial needs as a whole instead of viewing them as separate needs.

We therefore believe it is in your best interest to allow us to comprehensively analyse your needs and current provision, determine the shortfalls, and compile and implement a solution based on your holistic priorities.

JWR’s advisors are all graduates with additional training and experience. We use proven financial tools and other resources, and only recommend products and services from trustworthy and expert providers.

Our support staff members have many years’ collective experience and their competencies allow them to assist our advisors in the best possible way. This translates into quality service for our clients.

We are small enough to offer personal attention to each client, but big enough to ensure continued service delivery.

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