Risk Services

At JWR Risk Services we understand that you have worked very hard to be able to own and accumulate your assets and possessions, or to build and grow your business. We want to help you enjoy them with true peace-of-mind.

Providing for one’s family; protecting one’s home and possessions; looking after one’s health – these are all big responsibilities which rest heavily on a person. Proper provision needs to be made and sound advice needs to be sought.

Your insurance needs will no doubt change during the various stages of your life – what was important 10 years ago may seem so insignificant now. At first you may only need to consider your own plans, but once you have a family your needs and responsibilities will change – when the kids arrive your needs will definitely change dramatically, and again so once they have left the nest.

If you own a business, commercial concerns will determine the protection and help you need. These concerns change almost daily as you traverse the many risks posed by the environment in which your business operates, from fire and theft threats to having your business’s IT system hijacked by people sitting in Eastern Europe!

Speak to us today about your insurance needs. Contact us for advice and help – we have been helping clients understand their short-term needs for almost 10 years. Jointly our team has more than 42 years’ experience. We have agreements with most of the major insurance companies in South Africa, so you don’t necessarily need to settle for one product house. We can help you to source products and services most suited to your current needs as dictated by your current life-stage.

We offer the following insurance products:

Personal Lines

This product range focuses on protected your personal belongings and home environment.  It enables for you to enjoy your life (and assets!) without the worry that disaster may strike or that you may suffer a loss.

Personal Lines help protect individuals from potential losses they couldn’t afford to cover on their own and make it possible to do things like drive a car and own a home without risking financial ruin.  We want to help you enjoy what you have, without the worry and risks. There are many ways of doing this; and many products that can help you achieve this objective.  Let us help you choose the right product from the right insurance company.

Commercial Lines

Every business is faced with many risks on a daily basis.  Some of these are quite obvious and easily identified, e.g.  fire consuming a factory; theft of machinery or stock; a burst pipe or geyser.  Other risks are slightly less obvious, e.g. what would the loss be if your place of business was destroyed by a fire and you could no longer operate and generate income?  And still others are very difficult to understand and manage – e.g. market fluctuations in the price of your raw materials or end product; or pilferage; or weather patterns.

We assist businesses and legal entities to identify the numerous risk they are faced with and then we co-develop a strategy for you to address these risks as best you can.  Not all risks can be addressed, some just need to be accepted as inherent to your business.  Some can be managed internally (e.g. by implementing certain protocols and business practices) and others can be transferred to an Insurance Company (e.g. Santam, Hollard, Western National, CIA, CIB, etc).  The strategy we develop with you will have elements of all of these approaches.  Implementing this strategy effectively is what we specialise in and we take you through the process step-by-step.

If needed, we can also assist you to develop and implement Alternative Risk Transfer strategies whereby the Insured (client) selects to retain specific risks in his/her business and then makes alternative provision for these selected risks.

Today’s Businesses are forced to operate in diverse and ever-changing environments and they are exposed to a fast changing risk-set.  We can help you overcome this challenge by ensuring your insurance portfolio is appropriate and flexible.

Liability Insurance

Other than suffering a loss due to loss of or damage to your own assets, there is always the risk of some-one alleging that you or your staff have caused them a loss or damage.  They thus believe you are liable to compensate them for their loss, whether it be a real or perceived loss.  What makes this type of risk all the more difficult to manage,  is that even if the person alleging you or your staff are liable is very unreasonable, you may still have to incur large legal fees whilst you defend yourself against their allegations.

We can assist you to mitigate various kinds of liabilities which you and your business may be exposed to.  These include:

Professional Indemnity – e.g.  a client alleges that he was provided bad advice; or he suffered due to negligence on your part.

Medical Malpractice – e.g. a patient alleges he suffered damages or loss due to your error and/or negligence.

Directors and Officers Liability (also often referred to as Errors & Omissions Liability or Management Liability) – e.g. a shareholder alleges management were negligent and destroyed value; or a regulatory body holds a director responsible for an irregular or erroneous submission

Cyber Liability – e.g. a client suffers a loss or an alleged damage and holds you liable since his personal information or data was accessed off your system and he hence was prejudiced.