Who is Red Oak Capital?

The red oak tree is one of the largest trees found in nature. It is reliant and sturdy, can reach up to 80 feet and attain a diameter of two to three feet. It has a wide, spreading head with far reaching branches and brilliant fall foliage.  Its roots seek the most fertile, moist ground and it offers patient growth. It embodies the characteristics of strength, endurance and prolonged life.

As a Fund Management company, it is from these qualities that Red Oak Capital draws its inspiration.

Establishing Red Oak Capital has enabled us to ring-fence and plan Capital Gains Tax on an individual client level and also consolidate individual investments under one investment vehicle, namely a collective investment scheme.

Red Oak Capital’s shares are held by JWR Group and MEQ Capital and are managed in conjunction with ABSA multi-managers.

Representatives of all three companies heads up the investment committee whose role is to identify unit trusts in line with our clients’ risk profiles.

Red Oak Capital is a Category 2 Financial Services Provider, which enables us to manage our clients’ unit trusts directly without approval for new investment decisions.  We offer three investment fund options depending on our client’s risk profile.

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Fund Management

Red Oak BCI Balanced Unit Trust

The Instit BCI Balanced Fund is a managed portfolio with the objective to offer investors a moderate to high long term total return.

The portfolio will be managed in compliance with prudential investment guidelines for retirement funds in South Africa to the extent allowed for by the Act.  The portfolio’s net equity exposure will range between 0 – 75 % of the portfolio’s net asset value.

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Moderate Risk

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Targeted Returns

Inflation plus 2,5% over 5 years.


Red Oak BCI Worldwide Flexible FOF Unit Trust

The Red Oak BCI Worldwide Flexible Fund of Funds is a worldwide portfolio that aims to deliver a high long term total return.


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Moderate-High Risk

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Targeted Returns

Inflation plus 5% over 5+ years.