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    Monday Motivation

    Times are changing

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    If you are in your fifties or sixties today your outlook on life is very different from that of a 20-year-old. You probably still believe that you have to work hard; dedicate yourself to one company or business for life; save 10% of your salary every month; make sacrifices and postpone your enjoyment of life until the day you retire at age 65. You hope you can then reward yourself with 20 years or so, before you die, of catching up on all you’ve missed and enjoying the comforts you’ve sacrificed.

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    Have courage and be thankful

    By | Monday Motivation

    Every morning we wake up and find ourselves in a situation which may range from dire to perfect. On an emotional level, the more powerful of these situations is the one where things are dire. We tend to feel the weight of our problems resting heavily on our shoulders and it becomes very easy to succumb to despair. Read More