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    Investing for 2030

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    We all know the world is changing and our children and grandchildren will live in a world completely different from the one we grew up in. We all know that technology companies have replaced the old oil and resources companies as the most valuable in the world and names like Apple, Amazon, Google, Netflix and Facebook dominate the way we live today. But there are many companies currently still flying somewhat under the radar which will have a profound impact on our lives in the years to come. Read More

    Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel?

    By | Investments

    While the Covid-19 infection rate in South Africa is picking up speed and the government is still making controversial lockdown decisions, lots of businesses are taking matters into their own hands and ignoring some of the irrational rules which are destroying their livelihoods. Wearing a mask and keeping one’s distance are, however, two newly-formed habits that are taking hold. Read More

    It is what it is

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    Wow Boks, thanks for a good news weekend! But let’s get back to investments:

    One thing we have to remember is that markets are not vindictive. Money quite simply flows from high-risk areas with little potential for growth, to lower-risk areas with a lot of potential for growth. An apt analogy would be where you walk in the Kruger National Park and come across a hungry lion. The lion’s instinct will dictate that it will chase and kill you, not because it has something against you, but merely because it is hungry and you are food. Read More

    Make no sudden moves

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    As investors we see only the latest news and make that our reality. We also tend to react emotionally to the current news and sometimes even act on these emotions, resulting in good or bad outcomes that cannot be attributed to prudent research but rather to merely good or bad luck. Read More

    When to invest offshore

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    Owing to the poor performance of the South African stock market over the last five years, many market commentators and investment managers have emphasized the importance of investing offshore. So have we, and the question most of our clients ask us is when they should do so. In principle, there are two factors to consider besides your risk profile and diversification strategy, namely the value of the rand and the price you pay for the investment. Read More

    Beware of human nature

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    The increased visitor traffic to the Grand Canyon the year after the motion picture Jaws was released.

    What is your reaction when you read this statistic? I find it very funny. But when you really think about it, it reveals something quite profound about human nature. Read More


    Light at the end of the tunnel

    By | Economy, Investments

    In a recent Corion Capital report these interesting facts were highlighted:

    • Approximately 36% of the companies listed on the JSE have depreciated by 15% or more for the year.
    • According to the Reserve Bank, South Africa is currently enduring the longest downward business cycle phase in over 73 years. Read More