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    RA and tax-free investments before 29 February 2020

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    The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has put several tax incentives in place to encourage us to save more for our retirement and other long-term goals. As the end of the tax year is approaching, you may consider contributing to a retirement annuity (RA) or tax-free investment before 29 February 2020. It is important to remember that when you retire out of an RA, only one-third of the proceeds may be taken in cash, of which a maximum of R500 000 will be 100% tax-free. Read More

    Risk versus Reward

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    A basic principle of investment is that you should be rewarded for the risk you take. Why would anyone invest in something where they get a lower return and take on more risk than in another investment elsewhere? South Africa used to be a country where the risk vs. reward ratio for investment was favourable. Because of the unstable political and economic circumstances in South Africa, uncertainty always lingered in the background and as an investor you were rewarded for this risk by getting higher returns on your bond and equity exposure. But over the past decade things have changed substantially. One of the biggest negatives for South Africa has been the worldwide investment shift away from resources into services and technological innovation. Read More

    Do you need a financial advisor?

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    If you care about your physical health, you can either visit your doctor for an annual checkup, or only go when you feel sick. If you have your annual checkup regularly, the doctor will detect any possible signs of illness and prescribe preventative measures. If you go only when you already feel sick, you may already be in an advanced state of a dreaded disease. Exactly the same principle applies to your financial health; and you should regard your financial advisor as your financial doctor. Read More

    The problem with investing for the longer term

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    Popular wisdom has it that one should just buy a share, or the share index, and hold on to it. That over the longer term you will make your money. That paying an active fund manager is not worth the money because over time they do not beat the market. The problem with these statements is that they could be misleading and one should dig a little deeper. Read More

    Options at retirement

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    Our residential property market is still struggling, with house prices having fallen by 21% in real terms since their 2007 peak, and the average monthly rental growth rate has in effect halved since 2017. The equity markets, however, have been doing well. Read More

    parent independence

    Obtaining financial independence.

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    We should all strive towards our eventual financial independence in life. Although there are different definitions for financial independence, what we are referring to here, is the ability to maintain your required standard of living without having to work. In other words, Read More


    Don’t forget to breathe.

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    Successful long-term investors such as Warren Buffett have often said that when everyone predicts the end of the world as we know it, and when profitable companies are all 20%, 30% and even 50% down from their highs, then it is time to start buying shares again. Read More