• Markets starting strong and other topics

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    South African shares, especially in Resources, are winning the race against the rest of the world so far this year. Our currency, however, is back above R15/$.

    Covid-19 is becoming as controversial as religion and politics. Some people believe everything they read on social media, and others only look at the results of scientific research. Read More

    Looking at 2021

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    Here at JWR we have started the new year on a very sad note. One of our beloved colleagues has passed away from Covid-19. She was a beautiful person and we send our love and light to her family and friends.
    There is no doubt that 2021 will be another challenging year. Read More

    The last word for 2020

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    After what has turned out to be one of the most disruptive years in the last decade or two, most companies are slowing down in anticipation of a well-deserved rest. JWR will be doing the same. This is the last blog for this year, so let us take stock of where we are right now and who have been the winners and losers as the dust settles on 2020 in the rearview mirror. Read More

    Things you do not know you don’t know

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    Over the years of being involved with financial planning and the investment of clients’ funds, we have seen the diverse ways people think about investing. We have noticed that certain groups of people prefer similar ways of investing: for example, farmers tend to reinvest all their profits in their farming operations; and property developers reinvest all their money in property. There is method in this madness, because one of the most important wealth-creating truths is that you should stick to what you know best. There is, however, another important aspect to investment, namely that the rules for creating wealth differ from the rules for preserving wealth.  Read More

    One month to go

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    People like to set target dates for when they will start doing something and the end of the year must be one of the most popular of those targets. But before we can start thinking about our new year’s resolutions, we have to usher out the current one. Read More

    Teach your children well.

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    It is that time of year when thousands of matriculants are writing their final exams and will soon have to enter the world of personal choice regarding what to study or where to work. It is also that time of year when parents have to consider what Christmas presents to buy their children. At JWR we understand that an 18-year-old does not want to get advice about their financial future, especially from their parents. They consider themselves to be bullet-proof and they are confident that they will be the best at whatever they do. But there are some very basic truths which they can take to heart if they wish to ensure a very solid foundation on which to build their future financial lives. Read More

    Vaccine Time

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    By now we are all celebrating the news that a vaccine for Covid has proven to be 90% effective. The reaction on the markets was almost immediate with all the companies that lagged during the year bouncing back and all the technology companies slumping. This rotation reversed to some extent when people realized that it will take a while before the availability and impact of the vaccine on our daily lives materialize. Read More

    US elections

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    Joe Biden is the new president of the USA although Donald Trump is not admitting to it yet. We do, however, see the US equity markets rallying after a period of weakness, especially in the Technology shares. The reason for this is linked to the way the legislative process works in the US, and the expected policy changes by a Democrat Party President. Read More

    Innovation incubators.

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    Why is it that the US manages to generate so many innovative businesses that grow into billion dollar companies? One of the reasons is the popularity of co-working business spaces in this innovative country. The number of such co-working spaces is growing fast — from only 14 spaces in 2007 to 5 476 in 2020. These shared office spaces are concentrated in convenient or transit-centred locations. Read More

    Green shoots in SA shares.

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    Towards the end of September we mentioned that there was a cautious optimism with regard to South African shares and even the SA rand. Now, at the end of October, we have seen some remarkable recoveries in the share price of some companies, such as: Read More