• From 2019 into 2020

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    We started 2019 with a warning that cash as an asset class would not be king for the next five years owing to the valuation level of equities all over the world. We mentioned that the rand could show some strength and that Brexit as well as the US/China trade wars would command centre stage. Read More

    Can we hang on?

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    SAA has gone into business rescue; our GDP contracted by 0,6% for the third quarter, which was worse than expected; and our JSE is barely positive for the year to date at 3,9%. But the worst news was the rolling blackouts experienced late last week, putting Eskom right back in the headlines. It is sad and frustrating to see how slowly the people in charge are moving to rescue our small economy. Read More

    Is the glass half full?

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    It is common knowledge that there always are a buyer and a seller in commerce. The price of any commodity is determined by the relationship between what the buyer is prepared to pay as against what the seller is prepared to accept. The value of such an item is in the eye of the beholder and usually very subjective. Read More

    Things are looking better in SA

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    To get the South African economy going again we need business sentiment and participation to improve. Four of the most basic requirements for this to happen are:

    1. Make it easy to register a new business.
    2. Provide the business with the basic tools like power, water and manoeuvrability.
    3. Incentivise business with lower taxes and subsidies.
    4. Ensure taxes collected by SARS do not end up in the pockets of corrupt officials.

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    SAA, big test for transformation promises

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    On the eve of its crippling strike SAA warned that it would apply the principle of no-work, no-pay to strikers but trade unions went ahead with the strike. They are asking for an 8% increase. At first SAA said there would be no wage increases but then they offered an above-inflation increase of 5,9%, retroactive to April 1. Read More

    The last few weeks of 2019

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    As we have discussed before, equity markets have historically performed well over the months of October, November and December. We have seen a steady rise in South African shares over the last 40 days and the US markets are hitting record highs. The rand has strengthened somewhat, even though Moody’s moved our credit rating from stable to negative. Read More

    It is what it is

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    Wow Boks, thanks for a good news weekend! But let’s get back to investments:

    One thing we have to remember is that markets are not vindictive. Money quite simply flows from high-risk areas with little potential for growth, to lower-risk areas with a lot of potential for growth. An apt analogy would be where you walk in the Kruger National Park and come across a hungry lion. The lion’s instinct will dictate that it will chase and kill you, not because it has something against you, but merely because it is hungry and you are food. Read More

    Times are changing

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    If you are in your fifties or sixties today your outlook on life is very different from that of a 20-year-old. You probably still believe that you have to work hard; dedicate yourself to one company or business for life; save 10% of your salary every month; make sacrifices and postpone your enjoyment of life until the day you retire at age 65. You hope you can then reward yourself with 20 years or so, before you die, of catching up on all you’ve missed and enjoying the comforts you’ve sacrificed.

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    The last quarter of 2019

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    We will soon be in the last quarter of 2019, from where we will be looking back at mixed results after we started the year with high expectations for a recovery in our economy and our political situation. Read More