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    April 2020

    Impact of Covid and R500 billion stimulus

    By | Economy

    It was with some sense of relief that we heard the unsustainable hard lockdown would be phased out on a risk-adjusted basis starting on the first of May. The economic impact of this pandemic has been severe and looking at the investment returns year-to-date we see the following: Read More

    For every loser, there is a winner

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    A lot of things in life have a binary outcome. It is either black or white; you either win or you lose; it is either a boy or a girl; etc. But, depending on your outlook on life, most things can have a subtly different hue of the absolute. Currently we are experiencing something that humanity has not experienced for a very long time, and for most of the people alive today, never. A pandemic as alarming as Covid-19 is, however, not the first crisis the world has dealt with. But it is one that affects both people’s health and the economy. Read More