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    January 2020

    An holistic view

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    Looking at the size of various economies in the world, we once again have to remind ourselves that South Africa is relatively unimportant. But, as SA residents, we do feel that we should invest here – even though we are not forced to do so as before. The relaxation of exchange control regulations allows every person over 18 years to invest up to R1 million internationally without much hassle every year; and if you obtain approval from SARS you can take R10 million offshore annually. Read More

    From 2019 into 2020

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    We started 2019 with a warning that cash as an asset class would not be king for the next five years owing to the valuation level of equities all over the world. We mentioned that the rand could show some strength and that Brexit as well as the US/China trade wars would command centre stage. Read More