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    June 2019

    When to invest offshore

    By | Investments

    Owing to the poor performance of the South African stock market over the last five years, many market commentators and investment managers have emphasized the importance of investing offshore. So have we, and the question most of our clients ask us is when they should do so. In principle, there are two factors to consider besides your risk profile and diversification strategy, namely the value of the rand and the price you pay for the investment. Read More

    Time is speeding up.

    By | Uncategorized

    We are approaching the halfway point of 2019. It has been proven that when you are in a heightened state of awareness, typical of a dangerous situation, time seems to slow down because your senses pick up more signals than when you are relaxed. In financial markets however, time seems to speed up when there is danger around, if we look at the last six months. Read More

    Investment insights from Coronation

    By | The Market

    It must be said that Coronation Fund Managers have been underperforming in their equity funds over the last 5 years owing to a very bad 2015 and 2018. Over a longer time period they are still one of the top performers. If we look at the Coronation Equity fund, they are 14th out of 80 funds over a 7-year period, and 4th out of 59 funds over a 10-year period. For this year up to 30th April, their Equity fund is ranked 4th out of 166 funds. Read More

    We have a new cabinet.

    By | Economy, Latest news

    We can all start breathing again after hearing Pravin and Tito will remain in their posts. Most of the Zuma rot has been cut out and the current cabinet members lean more towards an investor-friendly environment and cautious optimism. The rand strengthened after the announcement but unfortunately the strength of the US$ still resulted in the rand trading at a multi-month low. Read More