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    April 2019

    A lot of bark but no bite

    By | Economy

    A lot of political commentators believe that, should the outcome of our general election on 8th May not give the ANC a strong majority (57%+), it would give the pro-Zuma faction a very strong hand to prevent Cyril Ramaphosa from ever changing his bark to a bite. Read More

    Times are good again

    By | The Market

    We are seeing world equity markets rebounding from their precipitous fall towards the end of 2018. Some of our Blue Chips like Naspers (+23%), Bats (+22%), Anglos (+25%) and even Aspen (12% over the last week) are up. That brings the JSE to +10% and the S&P to +15% year to date. Read More

    Confusion prevails in US markets

    By | The Market

    We are experiencing a dichotomy between one of the longest-lasting bull markets in US history and the financial indicators. Over the past week we have seen the US Yield Curve inverting – where you earn more interest on short-term debt than on longer-term debt – which is a leading indicator for a recession and thus falling share prices, but at the same time the equity markets are going up. Read More