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    November 2018

    parent independence

    Obtaining financial independence.

    By | Financial Planning

    We should all strive towards our eventual financial independence in life. Although there are different definitions for financial independence, what we are referring to here, is the ability to maintain your required standard of living without having to work. In other words, Read More


    Don’t forget to breathe.

    By | Financial Planning

    Successful long-term investors such as Warren Buffett have often said that when everyone predicts the end of the world as we know it, and when profitable companies are all 20%, 30% and even 50% down from their highs, then it is time to start buying shares again. Read More

    October bad month

    October was a bad month.

    By | Market Commentary

    Note: Information in this newsletter is based on data on Thursday morning 1 November. Since then the JSE is up 3%, the Rand is 3% stronger and the S&P is 2% stronger.

    The JSE All Share Index is 12% down for the year to date. This puts it firmly into correction territory, which is defined as a drop of more than 10% from its high. Read More