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    April 2018


    Investor fatigue.

    By | Investments

    We will keep this newsletter before the long weekend short and hopefully sweet.
    Everywhere we go, we hear investors complain about the bad returns on their portfolios and their consequent anxiety. When we engage in conversation, it usually becomes clear that they do one of two things to cause their anxiety, namely: Read More


    Investing versus gambling.

    By | Investments

    These are volatile times and a lot of skeletons are tumbling out of closets. It is a time of reckoning for overconfident investors, fund managers and companies that laid big bets on a few assets or strategies and are now losing more money than they will be able to recoup for a long time, if at all. Read More

    Little boy laughing

    Have courage and be thankful

    By | Monday Motivation

    Every morning we wake up and find ourselves in a situation which may range from dire to perfect. On an emotional level, the more powerful of these situations is the one where things are dire. We tend to feel the weight of our problems resting heavily on our shoulders and it becomes very easy to succumb to despair. Read More